CWIN is governed by a General Assembly consisting of three hundred members, which elects an Executive Board of eleven members. The Executive Board nominates an Executive Coordinator who heads the programme committee to formulate and implement programmes of action. The CWIN Programme Committee runs day-to-day activities. The Programme Coordinators are responsible for the ongoing operation of the activities.

Executive Board of CWIN-Nepal (2015-2018)

Chairperson - Mr. Madhav Pradhan - Child Rights Expert

Vice Chair - Ms. Sumitra Joshi - Women’s Rights Expert and Founding Associate of CWIN-Nepal

General Secretary - Ms. Sumnima Tuladhar – Child Rights Expert (Ex. Officio representing management)

Treasurer -  Mr. Subodh Shrestha – Management Expert

Secretary - Mr. Tanka Limbu – Anthropologist

Member -  Prof. Dr. Govind Subedi –Research Expert

Member-  Ms. Sharada Subba – Lawyer – Women’s Rights Expert

New Management Committee of CWIN-Nepal

Chairperson - Mr. Madhav Pradhan 

Member - Ms. Sumnima Tuladhar 

Member - Mr. Subodh Shrestha 

Member - Mr. Kumar Bhattarai 

Member - Ms. Rashmila Shakya 

Member - Mr. Surjan Shrestha