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Say No to War!!! 

28 February 2018 

Civil Society Forum of Nepal strongly condemns the senseless attack that took place in Syria in last week which has thus far killed more 500 people including about 150 children and injured others. Civil Society Forum of Nepal expresses its deepest condolences and sympathies to the people of Syria and to bereaved families. Civil Society forum of Nepal regards this latest incident as an act of inhuman and hopes that perpetrators will be brought to justice. 

UNO already released the international treaties i.e. Universal Declaration on Human Rights as well as Convention of the rights of the Child. The Both treaties ensure the basic rights to lives as well as ensuring the human rights of each individual. Based on the treaties, we strongly demand the UNO to intervene to save the lives of Syrian people including children because Children are innocent and they are always the zone of peace.  

We also appeal to diplomat missions to take initiation to stop the war as violence is not the solution. The dialogue will be the solution for any problem. We urge to save the lives of children and adult and respond to avoid the hunger and lacking the basic need to Syrian children and people as well as a pregnant woman. 

 Let’s unite against violence to save the lives of children and humanity on the planet. 

In Solidarity 

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