HBB Factory Best Rolex Submariner Replications Review

Best Rolex Submariner Replications

The Submariner series can be said to be Rolex's most popular and also the most well-known styles. There are many manufacturers on the market. The first ones that have been recognized by everyone are the N factory and the AR factory. The subsequent ZZ is also quite good. Recently, V6 The new factory HBB also launched the black water ghost of the Submariner. Today I will bring you a black disassembly evaluation of HBB to help you analyze in detail how the HBB works.

The Rolex Submariner Replica watch released by HBB this time uses 904L Oystersteel, so visually and in terms of texture, it perfectly restores the original. The classic Oyster strap with drawing process supports the beautiful luster of the ceramic outer ring. Don't say that a watch is simply produced. I believe that the matching of these details must have done a lot of adjustments to get the finished product in the eyes of the public. The thickness of its case is also synchronized with the real rolex submariner.

Best Rolex Submariner Replications

The ring mouth is a very important part of the Submariner. If the ring mouth is not well done, it will affect the look and feel of the whole watch. The outer ring of the HBB Submariner adopts the CERACHROM word ring, which is made of special ceramics that are harder, more corrosion-resistant and more scratch-resistant , The scale is filled with platinum powder, and the size and depth of the scale are basically the same as the original. The 12-position Ye Mingzhu presents a jade-like color, which is also consistent with the counter. The teeth of the bezel are also very finely polished and the number of openings The size is also consistent.


Its mirror is made of sapphire glass, which is very transparent and can read the time from any angle. It is the same as real rolex. Only the magnifying glass above 3 o'clock is coated with a layer of blue film. Compared with other manufacturers' HBB magnifying glass, the blue film on the magnifying glass is the closest to the real Rolex Submariner, not so basket or so shallow. There is also a small laser anti-counterfeiting crown above 6 o'clock.

Rolex Submariner Replication has a black disk surface, and the lettering on the disk surface is very clear. The font size and length are basically the same as those of the counter. The scale is an inlaid metal edging scale. All the metal edging is polished very smoothly. The 12 o'clock triangle also maintains the original sharp point after polishing, and the luminous filling is also just right.

904L Straps

The calendar window looks like a waterfall. Anyone who has played with genuine accessories knows that Rolexs genuine literals generally have a recessed feeling in the calendar and central axis. HBB can be said to be a real re-enactment. The font of the calendar has also been adjusted and compared again and again to get the most perfect calendar font on the market. The most authoritative website link in the replica watches market, I recommend Rolex Submariner Replication.

The solid bottom bracket is also a place that everyone pays great attention to. All the Submariner series on the market earlier did not make a solid bottom bracket. Later, ZZ recently launched a solid bottom bracket, and other manufacturers have also updated it. I think HBBs solid bottom bracket is the most natural. Take a closer look at the doughnut-like raised part of the bottom bracket. This detail has also stumped many of the so-called strongest Submariner replica watch factories, and HBB has achieved a real sense of high quality.

After the pointer is zoomed in, you can clearly see that the luminous filling is very delicate, and the edge of the filling is not rolled up, and the integration is very good. The tip of the pointer is very thin, and I believe it is only after many adjustments to make such a pointer. 904 stainless steel brushed watchband, every section and every chamfer of the watchband is finely polished. Ensure that there will be no cut feeling on your hands. The inside of the buckle is polished and engraved very beautifully. The crown of the buckle is very delicate. Compared with the real rolex, it is well restored. The depth of the carving is perfect, and the font is clear and orderly.

904L Straps

The back cover is also a brushed back cover, which is equipped with a more stable eta-2824 movement. Compared with many 3135 versions of the movement on the market, there are problems such as rework and unstable travel time. HBB uses a more stable 2824 movement (better than 2836). First of all, due to the dense bottom design of Rolex Submariner Replications, there is no need to worry about flaws in the movement. The public cares more about the stability and accuracy of replica watches. The 3135 version just captures the public's desire for similarity, and does not guarantee the reliability of the watch itself. The luminous light is also blue, very bright, and you can read the time clearly in a dark environment.

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