Richard Mille RM 26-02 Evil Eye

RM 26-02 Evil Eye

Richard Mille is quickly becoming the brand of choice for incredibly high-budget enthusiasts. Like Richard Milles Dragon Tiger watch in front of the tourbillon, or the pop-culture-accurate Richard Mille RM 26-02 Evil Eye watch surrounded by flames is a very peculiar theme, which can actually distract peoples attention and focus more, follow this watch.

Richard Milles very successful sense of sheer fearlessness is repeated with the RM 26-02 Evil Eye tourbillon watch. It is undoubtedly the visual inspiration from the "Eye of Sauron" of the modern "Lord of the Rings" trilogy. If you think so, it makes sense. If you are an artist, someone says to you, "Look at it with an evil eye, dont forget, everything is okay." Besides the most powerful "evil eye" symbol in modern pop culture, what else What about the design? You would basically think straightforwardly about Sauron's flame-like vigilance in "The Lord of the Rings" sitting high on Modors ring of power to see the world. The evil eye is on the left side of the dial next to the tourbillon, surrounded by an elaborate red solid gold flame. Of course, the RM 26-02 evil eye watch is not related to the Lord of the Rings, but it may also be a tribute to the most expensive wearable in the JRR Tolkein universe. To be correct, Richard Milles evil eye is about the concept of evil eye that has existed in various religions and cultures throughout history. Obviously, in some cultures, it is said that the only way to prevent evil eyes is to have evil eyes. Is it actually a way to remind people to be vigilant?

RM 26-02 Evil Eye

From a design point of view, Richard Mille RM 26-02 is located between men and women. I'm actually pretty sure it is considered a unisex watch-maybe it's a satin strap. In fact, on a rubber strap, this may be more men's watch. In fact, richard mille's counterfeit watches are also constantly improving. The RM 26-02 case is made of 18k red gold and black ceramic. Richard Mille uses high-grade ceramics, finely ground and given inclined surfaces. The combination of materials works well because they contrast well with each other and work with the dark and fiery theme of the evil eye dial. Approximately 40mm wide, approximately 48mm high and 13mm thick. It's not very small, but in smaller modern Richard Mille watches, despite the curved tonneau-style clothing, it wraps around the wrist very comfortably. For example, this RM 26-02, its replicas manufacturer uses a ceramic case, and its flame also uses ceramic engraving technology, which looks almost the same as real, and the movement will use the eta universal movement.
RM 26-02 Evil Eye
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The evil eye itself is carefully painted enamel, the flame is solid gold, and then painted. This is a tourbillon with hour, minute and one-minute woven in the richard mille movement RM 26-02 manual wound movement. There is also a small power reserve indicator on the dial. The maximum power reserve of 3Hz frequency exercise is about 50 hours, most of the exercise is produced by titanium.

RM 26-02 Evil Eye

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